Crypto vertical: trending funnels and traffic sources

The Crypto vertical established itself as the most profitable one in affiliate marketing and straightened its positions in 2020. When the stay-at-home lifestyle compelled people to look for different sources of income. Many turned to cryptocurrencies, and now the crypto vertical is considered to be a gold mine for affiliate marketers.

Continuing with the series of articles related to a crypto topic, this one is devoted to traffic sources and trending crypto funnels.

The interest in the crypto niche is mainly driven by high payouts and the possibility of prepayment, the ability to target a broad audience and choose a wide range of GEOs. Only on the surface, crypto seems to be an easy niche to master, but here are some severities you might stumble on at the very beginning:

  • Financial entry barrier.

Crypto might be expensive to test. Campaigns usually have to spend much more before seeing any conversions

  • Ban issues.

Applicable when you use Facebook as the traffic source, it is famous for its «ban first ask questions later» policy.

According to SimilarWeb: In January 2018, Facebook announced that it was banning ads for some financial products and services including “initial coin offerings, or cryptocurrency”. Later Google announced that, as of June 2018, they would no longer serve ads for “cryptocurrencies and related content (including but not limited to initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency trading advice)“. Despite this tightening of restrictions from the two biggest advertising platforms, there is little chance that this will have a major impact on the flow of traffic to the top cryptocurrency exchange sites.

  • Marketing flows

You have to take your time before you find your profitable marketing flow: creatives and pre-landers. The quality of lending - the localizations, quality of design, and content availability.

Types of crypto offers:

  • Autotrading;
  • Trading;
  • Investments;
  • Crypto Education.

Trending Funnels for Autotrading type of offer:

  • Bitcoin Revolution;
  • Bitcoin Profit;
  • Bitcoin Future;
  • Bitcoin Era;
  • Bitcoin Pro.

If you are just starting your affiliate journey, your traffic type should be in line with offer requirements. Knowing what you need is the key to selecting the best traffic source for you. Here you can find a list of types of traffic sources that work well for the crypto vertical.

  1. SEO

    As we mentioned in our previous article «How to succeed in the crypto vertical» SEO Traffic is a fantastic method for the crypto vertical to gain more conversions. These could be crypto-educating sources like info webpages for crypto trading. The approximate monthly budget for one site and one specific geo would be $1500.

    For example, a webpage with crypto articles and news including the offer link. This type of traffic works well as the audience is specified and highly targeted.

  2. Google search

    Search traffic is also a good method for these types of campaigns, and it can be more effective if you mix it with contextual. Search traffic brings higher quality in the mid-term, and contextual traffic provides you with the target audience by paying for the keywords related to your content and quickly sending the traffic to your site.

    People usually tend to ask search engines disturbing questions.

    • «How to get rich?»
    • «How to earn money online?»
    • «Money online fast»

    And more specified questions:

    • «Where to exchange cryptocurrency»
    • «Trading crypto assistant/bot»
    • «Crypto Trading strategies»

    So why not advertise your matching product at the top of those answers? Your offer may look like one of those answers.

  3. Facebook

    Social platforms are becoming more and more regulated and restrictive with the content they show. Despite this, Facebook Ads can be your best ally thanks to a billion carefully researched users, the Facebook pixel, and the remarketing opportunities that will send you continuously new leads by displaying your products to the best audience segmentation.

    But this traffic type needs some tools to start: proxy, cloaking tool, anti detect browser, etc. It also has a significant barrier: ban issue. So you have to come up with the right marketing flow.

  4. Push/Pop-under/click under

    Cheap traffic type. You can run various offer types using this traffic. But usually from generic verticals, like ‘nutra’ or ‘dating’. Requirements for the crypto vertical are more specific, so you should select a more tailored type of traffic.

    Making money flow funnels in the crypto vertical works better with this type of traffic as the specific audience is looking for easy earning methods.

    For instance: make a money funnel with an email submit button on your landing page. Where it clearly describes the scheme of earning money.

    Funnels with financial opinion leaders also work well.

    Also, a good method is two-pages funnels with an email submit button on the first page like “Get Tips For Better Trading” or “Get a Trading Consultation from an expert” etc.

  5. Native

    Native ads can do a great job with Trading and Crypto campaigns thanks to the variety of simple and attractive ad formats widely available. Native ads require having a lot of good content. After all, they are almost like an actual article. The distinction is coming from the goal of this content, not from its quality.

    Newsbreaks - “old-but-gold” method to promote anything when it comes to whatever everyone is talking about. It works really well for this type of traffic.

    For instance: “Earning on Phizer Stock investment - Multiple strategies” or something else like coronavirus vaccines topics etc.

    Make your creatives look like actual articles.

    Ad copies like these below work well for crypto vertical:

    • “Bitcoin trading is the fastest way to make money online”
    • “I received a check for 4500 for the first two weeks”

    Use catchy images of money or regular people with some amount of money to connect the audience.

    Now as you are aware of different traffic types and trending crypto funnels pick up the best offer and start your affiliate crypto journey!

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